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Top 200 House Designs in Sri Lanka and 3D Home Plans for 2021 by Lex Duco - Two Storey Category

We started Lex Duco as a house construction company, however as time went by and clients kept molding your company, be became arguably the largest house design firms in Sri Lanka, yet with house construction service as usual. In this journey, we had served over 1,000 clients and built a large pool of luxury home designs and plans for different price ranges due to the affordability of our clients. Every home came with a different price tag due to the unique nature of the design and floor plan themselves.

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As a company that actually constructs what we plan and design, if construction prices later go up, we are in no position to pass the ball to the building contractor or labor contractor or to re-negotiate the construction contract as a most reputed house construction company in Colombo and Sri Lanka.

Thus, we had to be innovative in the home planning stage itself to make sure that the budget of the client will not exceed after signing the house construction agreement.

The solution developed to overcome this requirement is known as “Design to Cost” module, which guarantees that our professionals receive signals when the price goes up due to any reason, while the project is still in the early design stage. Based on those signals, our Chartered Architects and Chartered Engineers optimize the design again and again to retain the project within the predefined budget.

The final result of this process is a house design completed within the agreed budget or its new adjusted budget if and only if client has already approved it. The reason for later budget adjustments is mainly due to the client’s requirement of adding more space or features to the home as we all love to design and build our “dream home” at the end of the day rather than compromising it.

With this process, we guarantee that you will receive the final construction price of the house design before paying any price towards the building or construction agreement.

And at this point the final house plan with the price is fully completed and the main duty of the Chartered Architects and Chartered Engineers is completed. The company will then be ready to provide you with a lump sum fixed price construction agreement.

Please feel free to have a look at our latest house plans and design in the following sections.

500+ 3D Two Storey House Plans and Home Designs

Construction CostRs. 10,100,000 /- Bedrooms4 Bathrooms2
Construction CostRs. 10,100,000 /- Bedrooms4 Bathrooms3
Construction CostRs. 12,900,000 /- Bedrooms5 Bathrooms3
Construction CostRs. 7,200,000 /- Bedrooms5 Bathrooms3
Construction CostRs. 11,000,000 /- Bedrooms4 Bathrooms3
Construction CostRs. 10,100,000 /- Bedrooms4 Bathrooms3
Construction CostRs. 12,000,000 /- Bedrooms4 Bathrooms4
Construction CostRs. 9,600,000 /- Bedrooms5 Bathrooms4
Construction CostRs. 11,000,000 /- Bedrooms4 Bathrooms3
Construction CostRs. 9,300,000 /- Bedrooms4 Bathrooms3
Construction CostRs. 7,300,000 /- Bedrooms3 Bathrooms3
Construction CostRs. 7,900,000 /- Bedrooms4 Bathrooms2
Construction CostRs. 7,100,000 /- Bedrooms4 Bathrooms3
Construction CostRs. 9,000,000 /- Bedrooms3 Bathrooms3
Construction CostRs. 14,000,000 /- Bedrooms4 Bathrooms3