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How to compare Construction Companies that are specialized in housing?

Many people tend to compare the rates of house builders, design and build companies or general contractors and tend to conclude that the cheapest is the best. But it is always required to compare the services that they provide for the given rate! May be the cheapest has no service other than just building a house, have you ever considered that?

You may use the following table to analyse the services provided by house builders, design and build companies or general contractors along with their rates.


Other 1

Other 2

Other 3


- Is the company reputed and stable to manage your funds? Yes
- Is the company big enough to deliver the 20 years warranty as promised? Yes
- Is the company big enough to manage any possible construction rectification? Yes
- How many projects have they completed? 600+
- How many on going projects do they have? 330+
- Are their prices seem realistic or seem deceiving? Realistic
- Are their prices too LOW to be true? No
- Have they employed QA/QC Systems to ensure construction quality? Yes
- Have you requested a Priced BOQ or a Quotation for comparison?(Do not depend on sqft rates as they are not dependable in construction industry and almost always deceiving.) Request a Cost Plan
- Have they agreed upon a 5-10% discount when you bargain hard without changes to the design?(This is impossible for companies that operate with ethical profit margins and realistic prices.)  Will Not Agree


- Will a Chartered Architect be appointed for the project? Yes
- How many Chartered Structural Engineers will be appointed for the project? 2
- Will a Quantity Surveyor be appointed for the project? Yes
- How many free visits by Chartered Architects are included? 4-8
- How many free visits by Chartered Engineers are included? 6-10
- Does a soil condition analysis include in the service? Yes
- What is the cost of Architect, Engineer and QS to the client? FREE


- Does a final Cost of Construction (Budget) is included? Yes
- How accurate the budget calculation is? 90-99%
- Will the company sign a Lump Sum agreement? Yes
- Will the company be able to change the agreed price, if payments are received on time? NO
- Is the agreed Lump Sum guaranteed not to be changed till the completion of the construction, if payments are received on time? Yes


- Will an in-house Project Management staff manage the project? Yes
- Will an in-house technical staff supervise the project? Yes
- Are standard  quality controlling tests employed to verify and warrant the strength of concrete work? Yes
- Will there be other civil engineers appointed than Chartered Engineers? Yes
- Will the company guarantee that they will do any rectifications at their own cost even if it’s a costly one? Yes
- Are 20 years Structural Warranty and 1 year Defect Liability Period offered? Yes

*The table is mainly applicable for Design and Build Projects only, but not for Design Only, Consultancy Only or Renovations.