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Lex Duco mainly cares about two things in addition to the elegance,

  1. Construction Quality and
  2. Cost to our Clients
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We maintain high quality standards as described in our website (www.lexduco.lk) and we believe that the quality should be the number one priority in construction.

We do not relay on the skills of the TOs or supervisors as far as the construction quality is concerned but completely rely on a fail-safe two systems known as Triple Quality Check (TQC) and Quality Ensuring System (QES), which are;

- Head of Project Management - A Chartered Civil Engineer,
- Internal Inspection Engineer @ Quality Audit  - A Chartered Civil Engineer,
- Project Architect - A Chartered Architect.

All these are are employed to carry out comprehensive quality inspections and the combined effect of the TQC makes it a fail-safe Quality Controlling System. Therefore, we are confident that our construction quality is at a very high level compared to the industry average.

We have developed and implemented a state-of-the-art next generation quality controlling system which is monitored by a sophisticated IT system in order to make sure that the civil engineering standards are followed by our Technical Team. This system is known as the “Quality Ensuring System”.

Still under such QA/QC measures we may experience minor construction defects as minimizing such to 0% is practically not possible.

At such occasions, we will follow standard civil engineering rectification methods under the guidance of a well experienced Chartered Structural Engineer at ZERO consultation or rectification cost to our clients.

In an environment where, most of the clients are deceived by many small contractors with 18 carat gold for 24 carat gold, we are in huge struggle to explain the difference!

We also struggle to explain clients the facts that

  1. You need an experienced structural Engineer  - It is similar to a Cardiologist for a heart but not a neurosurgeon.  
  2. You need a well developed QA/QC system to make sure the engineer's instructions are followed - What good of an engineer, if his advises were discarded to make some extra profit by a contractor.
  3. You need a solid foundation and a structure -  A plastering crack or a roof leakage could be fixed, but the foundation; if it goes down, the entire building goes down.
  4. An architect along cannot provide you with a stable and a durability building, but you need a team of professionals to find the balance between Architecture, Engineering and the COST.

After spending millions, we want our clients to enjoy peace of mind with a stable and a durable building!

With this attitude at Lex Duco, Quality has become our unique signature and we will never compromise it!

We also provide you with a 20 years genuine Structural Warranty and a 1 Year Defect Liability Period.

Cost is a very sensitive subject to most of our clients and some of them even tend to overlook the importance of construction quality due to cost related concerns.

At Lex Duco, we guarantee that:

  1. We will predict the final price for your design requirements and eventually sign a price guarantee*.
  2. Our rates are competitive if you analyze properly - Some small contractors present false rates known as "rate gimmicks" (false descriptions and/or low quantities than the actual).
  3. You will pay for what you receive only - We will prepare a simple Cost Plan and will agree upon it. You do not need an expert knowledge to understand it. Its just a list of elements in your home.    

We will not be able to:

  1. Become the cheapest contractor in the market.
  2. Provide you with discounts without a basis.
  3. Reduce costs beyond the approval of Structural Engineer.

This is because of the fact that we operate within narrow profit margins and professional design and build practices only.

Thank you for selecting Lex Duco!

* Conditions apply