Lex Duco Care
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sponsor a child for just $10 per month

Lex Duco Care is a CSR program of Lex Duco with the intention of linking needy children to individuals who are interested in supporting them.

Your generosity lights up a child’s entire life.

There are many needy children in Sri Lanka looking for help to make their dreams come true. Lex Duco care reaches out to those children and work to meet their needs with the support of kind-hearted sponsors like yourself; specially their educational needs.

Lex Duco Care

how would your sponsorship change a child's life?

When you sponsor a child, you will be meeting the most pressing educational needs of a child. As we all understand, a proper education is the best asset for a better future of a needy child, which will be supported directly by you. You will also set an example of compassion, sharing and supporting your fellow human beings to the child him/herself so that he/she will return the favor to his/her fellow human beings instead being selfish and most importantly engage in inhuman acts.

Its just $10 to light up a child’s future!

What do we do?

  • We link needy children to you so that you can sponsor them incognito.
  • We will guide you to help them with their other needs as well if you would prefer.
  • We will facilitate you to interact with your sponsored child if you would like to.
  • We will make sure that you are NOT OBLIGED, but will be free to walk away whenever you feel uncomfortable by transferring the child to another sponsor.

With Lex Duco care;

  • You have the assurance that all your funds will reach your sponsored child directly from you.
  • All the management costs are 100% borne by the hosting company leaving 100% of your funds go to the child’s wellbeing.
  • Your funds will be directed directly to the sponsored child with no middle men involved.
  • Only the needy children will be enrolled with absolute necessity of support.

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what next?

  • If you are interested, please send an email to care@lexduco.lk.
  • Please mention your first name, last name and a contact number.
  • Please mention if you have a child in mind that you would like to sponsor.
  • We will then arrange your sponsorship without any hassle to you.

Contact: care@lexduco.lk

Its just $10 to light up a child’s future!