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Hotels and Holiday Homes

Are you planning to build a Commercial Building?

Why Lex Duco?

  1. Absolutely FREE Complete Design as per your Requirements, if you build with us
  2. FREE Allocation of One (1) Chartered Architect and Two (2) Chartered Engineers for Your Home Construction
  3. FREE 30% Value Addition to Your Dream Home with Lex Duco Brand
  4. FREE “Design to Cost” Service, where Elegance and Your Budget at the Top Priority
  5. FREE 20 Years Dependable Structural Warranty


We can provide you with a comprehensive “Design and Consultancy Service”.

  1. Complete the design as per your requirements by our Chartered Architects and Chartered Engineers
  2. BOQ and Quality Surveying
  3. Selection of a competent contractor based on bidding and your interview process
  4. Project Inspections and Management by our Chartered Engineers and technical staff

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Hotel at Hanthana
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