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Lex Duco has initiated to build their first eco resort in Nawalapitiya.

Lex Duco has initiated to build their first eco resort in Nawalapitiya.  | Lex Duco
We believe that tourism is one of the most important businesses of Sri Lanka. And therefore, we have initiated investing on a "Self-Sustaining" Tea Estate with few Villas that consist of two Passive Income Streams!

It's not for sale, but a new venture under Lex Duco.

As you are aware, the bank interest rate cuts could see you get less money back on your savings if you just lock them up in a bank. Actually, if you think about the inflation, you may be practically shrinking your savings but your bank will never tell you that.

However, the good side is that the interest rates of bank loans are also lower which was a purposeful decision by the government to encourage the nation to invest in ventures that are worthwhile.

Therefore, what can you do with your savings or borrowings? We have a great example for you with an invitation.

Let's Invest in a "Self-Sustaining" Small Tea Estate with a Villa in the Upcountry to fund your ideal lifestyle.
We have initiated it in a 10 Acre land for our company. Unfortunately it’s not for sale. Yet, you can still join us as explained below.

But first, what are the benefits?

1. Even in the worst economic conditions, the government backs up the tea industry and therefore it is practically “risk-free” for you.
Why? Because Ceylon Tea is the finest in the world and as a country we need export earnings where Ceylon Tea is a main contributor.

2. Even though international tourist arrivals have slowed down due to COVID19 pandemic, it will get back up soon after the situation was under control.
Why? Because the government badly needs money from the international tourism sector to run the country while Sri Lanka is one of the best tourist destinations in the world.

3. Local tourism is also picking up and the Sri Lankans with deep pockets are now getting used to travel within Sri Lanka. Thus, a well-designed Luxury Villa will make your investment worthwhile.
Why? Local tourists have realized that there is a lot to explore within Sri Lanka before traveling to other countries thanks to COVID-19.

What else?

1. It is Self-Sustaining
A small Tea Estate of 1-2 Acres will generate Rs. 40,000 - 80,000 net profit per month for the owner. From that net profit, you can easily recruit a caretaker and pay all your bills of the villa while maintaining the property at a high standard.

2. When the situation is favorable, your investment will make money in addition to the massive capital gain.
You do not have to worry even if there are no bookings since it is self-sustaining and there is a capital gain. Yet any room that is booked for tourists is your income. Therefore, when the situation is favorable it is either your holiday home or it will generate a passive income for you.

Currently, our 10 Acre facility in Nawalapitiya is under the initial stages. Once constructed, we are going to price our luxury rooms starting at Rs. 12,000/- per day. But it could be as low as Rs. 5,000 or as high as Rs. 25,000+ depending on the features that we are going to incorporate in our holiday home designs.

3. If there are any more lockdowns in the future, you will be happily facing them since you are having a self-sustaining villa to convert your lock down nightmare into a peaceful holiday.
We recommend that you instruct your caretaker to grow some vegetables and fruits in your land as well.
Then, when you are on a holiday, you have something to keep you and your family occupied while you could be self-sufficient in your own facility. Getting your hands dirty in the garden has many benefits..!!

If you have kids, it will be a great experience for them too.

In our 10 Acre facility in Nawalapitiya, we are planning the same.

What can we do for you?
We can design, construct and help you manage a "Self-Sustaining" Small Tea Estate with a Villa for you that consist of Two Passive Income Streams!
As mentioned, we are already doing it for our company under the name “De Novo Escape” in Nawalapitiya and therefore we can share our expertise and resources with you.

It’s a Win-Win Deal for both you and us!

Specially, we can design and build your Villa as the #01 Luxury House and Villa Builder in Sri Lanka,

What can you do?
If you are interested in becoming a proud owner of a "Self-Sustaining" Tea Estate with a Villa, please call us to discuss further to explore your opportunities.
Call us on 0773 222 555

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