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Lex Duco Systems Introduces a New Concept, 'Ternary Management Model'

Lex Duco Systems Introduces a New Concept, 'Ternary Management Model' | Lex Duco
(September 1, 2018) — A happy and productive workplace is the dream of all businesses, but several hurdles stand in its way. Lex Duco Systems, the provider of cloud-based software, has studied and researched the topic, and is pleased to announce its revolutionary and new Ternary Management Model, aimed at increasing productivity, efficiency and inculcating right attitudes.

Business productivity improvement is now possible with a ready-made management model. The Ternary Management Model drills down operational procedures and categorizes them into three neat and simple buckets: self-assigned tasks, interpersonal tasks and programmed or triggered tasks. The three categories can then be bundled together to create more complex operational procedures.

"We believe that, If an operational procedure of any organization is properly studied, it could be broken down into 3 main categories of tasks and then the same procedure could be coded in items under those 3 task categories only," says Dr Buddika Adikari, the founder of Lex Duco Systems.

A job can thus be self-assigned, or assigned by employee A to B, or it could be a periodical work or triggered based on the outcomes of another job. Thus a complex job can be “coded” in the Ternary Management Model.

The inspiration for the new model is derived from the way any information today can be “coded” in binary digits, from a single alphabet letter to entire movies. The Ternary Management Model uses a similar coding for business processes, breaking down tasks into simple categories.

Those looking for business management improvement can rely on the TMM, coding their operational tasks within a computer system like the Workforce Management Module in Lex Duco Systems (WFM), with the latter then able to guide and monitor the workers semi-automatically.

Lex Duco Systems is a cloud-based software intended to improve sales and staff productivity for small to medium-sized businesses. It was originally developed in the Lex Duco lab to protect the company from sudden fluctuations, saving money from advertising and lead generation, and cutting down on staff costs, while improving productivity. It also assists with stabilizing the company by training new staff and promoting good performers. Lex Duco Systems is a fully owned subsidiary of Lex Duco , the largest luxury house design & build company in Sri Lanka.

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