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Press Release: Lex Duco Launches a LDS

Press Release: Lex Duco Launches a LDS | Lex Duco
Colombo, Sri Lanka, July 28th 2018 — Lex Duco, the market leading luxury house design and build company in Sri Lanka has launched a new company “Lex Duco Systems (LDS)” that aims to provide business productivity improvement solutions to small and medium companies.

The company claims that this system is the secret behind the success and rapid expansion of its mother company, Lex Duco, the secrete that lead the company to the market leading position within less than 5 years in operation. The company further claims that they had increased sales volume by 300% with this system and the overall staff productivity by 100%.

The said system is now available for other companies to utilize under the brand name Lex Duco Systems.

LDS is a cloud-based software that dramatically improves the productivity of small & medium businesses and stabilizes the business. It solves many of mismanagement issues that are usually evident in such SMEs due to lack of standardization and professional business practices.

LDS is a fully owned subsidiary of www.lexduco.lk, the largest luxury house design & build company in Sri Lanka. According to the company, it was developed in Lex Duco labs as a software solution to increase the productivity and stabilize the mother company and as a result, the mother company is now leading the luxury house design and build market sector.

Lex Duco says “Since early 2018, LDS was out for other companies to beat their competition and grow faster than ever before, while stabilizing the business. LDS and similar systems are inevitably the future of small-medium businesses as the technology develops. And we are simply doing it well ahead of the time.”

They further say “There are many systems developed for SMEs, but according to our knowledge, none of them targets to improve the overall productivity of a company from Sales and Project Management to Delivery and After Sales Service. Our system was developed to fill that market gap.

Businesses tend to purchase consultancy services to increase their productivity, which is of cause a good thing. But, it's not always successful as the expert leaves after the productivity training.

Yet, with LDS, the expert stays and she never leaves the company, which is why it is very successful and existing users love it”.

According to the company, LDS is very user friendly and it’s as simple as using emails. It is purposely designed to be simple for users due to the target users, who are mainly company staff.

LDS is available only in English Language, but geographically not limited to any particular country. Therefore, it is available and accessible from anywhere in the world.

The company has not released the pricing to the press yet but any interested party may contact the company directly at info@lexduco.lk, lds@lexduco.lk or +94 773 222 555.

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