Design & Build Service

"Elegant Designs, High Quality Constructions and 20 Years Warranty. Lex Duco It!”

We are the #1 Design & Build Company in Sri Lanka with 220+ on-going projects. This is our main service and this is how people know Lex Duco.

We provide you with the bellow "Design ONLY" service plus Construction Service together as a single package. Or in simple terms, we design and we build your dream home within your budget.

Please read "DESIGN ONLY SERVICE" section bellow and then visit "Why Lex Duco?" for more information.

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Design ONLY Service

We possess a design portfolio of 200+ designs that had been developed for our clients. We provide with the service of “Design Only” for our clients, who are interested in doing construction from someone known to them as well.

Why a Lex Duco Design?

"Your budget could be 3Mn or 30Mn, but you NEED a Beautiful Home within your budget, don't you?”

  1. Outstanding Designs with a Portfolio of 200+ Designs
    Just a glance at our website or Facebook page will speak for itself.

    Today, many people google “Lex Duco Designs” to find design ideas for their homes. They visit our website and obtain some ideas as well. However, the true benefit of our designs is for those who obtain our service to develop it. If you forward our designs to someone else and ask to do the same, you are making a grave error. They may match the front appearance of our home designs, but how about the most important lighting, ventilation, building orientation, ground level preparation, functionality, spatial arrangements, personal functional requirements, social requirements and so on?

    A Lex Duco Design is not just the appearance, but much more than that! It is more like a total living experience or a lifestyle that is designed professionally for your individual needs.

    Moreover, if an Architect is a doctor, a house designer is a nurse. She doesn't know the subject in depth, but has an idea just to mimic what an Architect would do. Thus, all your wishes including your spatial arrangements, lighting, ventilation, beauty of the building and so on will be messed up. Your budgetary goals will not be met as they are unaware of "Design to Cost". In other words, the optimum functionality of the house, beauty, usability and budgetary requirements will be compromised.

  2. "Why copy, when you can go for the Original? It's actually a saving with Lex Duco!"

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    Design to Cost is a system that is invented by Lex Duco to serve our clients better and it is not available elsewhere. It is not cutting down important functional elements to reduce the cost, but to rearrange them intelligently to minimize unnecessary costs while keeping the client's budgetary limitations in the mind.

    Chartered Architects and an Engineers, who are equipped with Lex Duco's Design to Cost Module are fully capable of developing designs within pre-planned budgets as the system guides them to the goal where Architecture and budget are balanced in harmony.

    Here the most important keywords are “Design to Cost”, Chartered Architects and Chartered Engineers and "Design to Cost" is the most important candidate due to the fact that it is the one that keeps Architects and Engineers on the track.

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  4. It is Cost Effective
    Our goal is your budget and your requirements. We will not design what we want but what you want for your budget.

    As mentioned, "Design to Cost" is a system that provides you with that output. Therefore, it's much more efficient in achieving budgetary goals while keeping the beauty of the house compared to the traditional method where the design is completed blindly without considering the final cost. Hence, the project ends up with a big costly surprise! Design to Cost saves us from that problem.

  5. "A Lex Duco Design is actually a saving to you, but not an extra cost!"

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  6. Our Designs are by Chartered Architects Only
    With or without Lex Duco, you need a Chartered Architect. Do not let others to ruin your dream home. They may sound cheaper as they charge less for the design, but so as their work. You will lose so much money while constructing and most of all, you will live in a home where you will never experience what the true architecture is.

    We have seen some of those ruined designs where the door of the master bedroom is open to living, living room is too dark even during the daytime, ventilation is not properly planned, the shower is placed in the middle of the bathroom causing the entire bathroom to be always wet, 2.5 - 3ft balconies which are neither useful nor useless, the garage is too narrow for a car to open its doors and many many more.

    Unfortunately, these are the designs they have bought for cheap prices and now they have to suffer for life or sell it at a cheaper price.

  7. "Never let a Draftsman to do the Architect's job!"

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  8. Our Designs are by Chartered Engineers Only
    Again, with or without Lex Duco, you need a Chartered Structural Engineer. Do not let others to risk the entire future of your dream home.

    The Foundation is everything, and structure comes next. A proper engineering design will allow your home to stand for over 50 years and an unprofessionally designed one will demonstrate signs of structural failure most probably within 5-10 years.

    We recommend not to risk it with your hard earned money.

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  9. Up to 30% High Resale Value

    "With Lex Duco, it is an Investment with a Lifestyle!"

    As you can see our designs are outstanding. Their functionality for living is also outstanding, therefore, if you want to sell your Lex Duco home, your prospective buyers will be very impressed with its beauty first and then how they felt after stepping into the home.

    A professionally arranged spatial arrangement, lighting and ventilation are a great experience for anyone and people realize the "Wow Factor" within seconds.

    They will also be very impressed with the Architectural and Structural Drawing files that we had provided you with.

    Then, your prospective buyers will ask themselves the question "Should I pay 10 Million for that junk I visited or should I pay 13 million for Lex Duco Home?" and the answer is obvious for your prospective buyers.

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“Design ONLY” Package, what does it include?

"Your budget could be 3Mn or 30Mn, but you NEED a Beautiful Home within your budget, don't you?”

  • An outstanding home or building design.
  • Design to Cost Module to design your dream home or building within your budget.
  • Complete tailor made architectural drawings set that is developed by a Chartered Architect based on your individual requirements and budget. In other words, the service of our Chartered Architects to develop your design under Lex Duco’s strict "Design to Cost" Module.
  • Complete structural drawings set by a Chartered Structural Engineer.
  • Council drawings for local authority approvals.
  • Electrical and plumbing layouts.
  • 5 Free site visits by a Chartered Architect (within 50km of Colombo).
  • 5 Free site visits by a Civil Engineer (within 50km of Colombo).
  • This service is not limited to houses, but available for commercial buildings, condominium projects and hotels as well.
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Commercial Buildings, Condominium Projects and Hotels

We undertake “Design Only” or "Design & Build" contracts for commercial buildings, condominium projects and hotels.

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