Are You Looking for Residential Lands in Athurugiriya?

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There are 3 reasons!

  1. Limited! - Land stock in Athurugiriya is limited. And Ideally located for residential purposes. Once gone, it is gone, lands cannot be reproduced.
  2. Limited! - Apartments can be built again and again, but lands? Back in year 2000, the price of these lands were less than 150,000/- per perch. But today, it is over 2 Million.
  3. Limited! - Ideal for investment as they are limited. With the time, the value of these lands in Athurugiriya appreciates and become un-affordable to those who never acted at the right time and very profitable to those who acted.

We, Lex Duco, are please to introduce the "4 Land Plots" for Housing in Athurugiriya for our valued customs with the intention of investing for themselves.

Location: Close to Expressway Entrance, Athurugiriya

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Price Rs.650,000 / Perch
Land size Plot - 10 - 7P
Plot - 11 - 7P
Plot - 12 - 7P - SOLD
Plot - 14 - 6.20P
Location Close to Expressway Entrance, Athurugiriya
Road width 12ft
Nearest main road Godagama-Malambe Road(1Km) and close to Expressway Entrance Athurugiriya
Three phase electricity Yes
Pipe water Yes

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