Highest Quality Assured With Our Advanced Quality Controlling Measures

Lex Duco (Pvt) Ltd is a professional house builder or a design and build company that specializes in Designing and Building luxury and semi-luxury houses. We render our service with a team of professionals that includes Chartered Architects, Chartered Structural Engineers, MEP Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Construction Professionals and Project Managers.

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We are a professional design and build organization and probably the only house builder in Sri Lanka that comprises of;

1. Experience

With 220+ active projects in hand and 500+ completed projects, we hold the biggest market share in house design and build market in Sri Lanka. We also have a pool of 200+ modern home/house designs for our clients to choose from. According to our knowledge, we are the only house builder with such a vast project portfolio in Sr Lanka.

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2. Design to Cost

As mentioned in Our Services page, Design to Cost is a system that guides Architects and Engineers to develop your building design within the budget. The traditional method only produces a design based on your functional requirements and at the end of the process, the required budget is derived. It is only after most of the Architectural and Engineering work is completed. The down side is, now this budget could be unaffordable for you.
What good is in a design, if you cannot afford it?
The solution is Design to Cost, that is invented by Lex Duco to serve you better.

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3. Quality Audit (QAudit)

If Quality Control Measures are like studies, QAudit is like the exam! In simple terms, it is a Performance Index for our construction professionals.

QAudit is completely conducted by a special Quality Audit Unit that reports to the Internal Auditors of the company directly. They are completely independent of the construction management hierarchy and therefore, they have the authority of independent reporting and strict demanding of corrections.

On one hand it improves the performance of QA/QC at the site level based on the closed loop control principle. If QA/QC measures are practiced well, the construction quality is assured and therefore QAudit measures the performance of QA/QC and fedback for any corrections. End results is a high construction quality. On the other hand, it measures the performance of the relevant construction professionals and as an Audit Unit, required actions are taken by them independently.

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4. Warranty

As the #1 Design and Build Company in Sri Lanka with such a portfolio we are in a position to provide you with a genuine 20 years structural warranty, but not just a “paper promise” without the real capacity to deliver it. Most probably, we are the only house builder in Sri Lanka, who you can trust on it.

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5. Lump Sum Fixed Price

After finalizing the design, we produces a final project cost which will then be agreed with the client in a “Lump Sum Construction Agreement”. In this agreement, the company agrees to deliver the construction at a “Lump Sum Fixed Price” so that the client will not have to worry about the variations and material/ labor cost escalations during the project duration**. With such an agreement the client will have the peace of mind as far as the cost of construction is concerned. And we believe, all clients deserve such a peace of mind from a professional house builder or a design and build company.

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6. Rectification Responsibility

With such a vast portfolio we have the capacity to rectify any construction defect* in your project at our own cost . Even if it’s Concrete Slab that requires a complete replacement (highly unlikely with our QA/QC measures), we execute the required action as per the Chartered Engineer’s instructions without any burden to the client.

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*Any individual, an organization or a house builder that promises zero construction defects is a false promise. Even with advanced QA/QC measures as employed by Lex Duco, we can only minimize the risk but it cannot be eliminated.

The Key Points


“Quality Audit” (QAudit) – in order to make sure Quality Control Measures are practiced at the predefined score level


“Design to Cost” (DTC) – in order to design your home within your budget


“Lump Sum Fixed Price” (DTC) – in order to enjoy the financial freedom from construction cost hikes

“Cost Reduction Techniques” (CRT) – in order to enhance the “Value for Money” factor

Cost Reduction Techniques

“Value for Money” ( VFM) not only measures the cost of goods and services, but also takes account of the mix of quality, cost, resource used, fitness for purpose, timeliness and convenience to judge whether or not, when taken together, they constitute good value. Lex Duco describes VFM in terms of the ‘three Es’ – economy, efficiency and effectiveness.

With Lex Duco, everything is less expensive while maintaining the highest quality possible. This objective is achieved by using 3 techniques that you cannot use on your own.

  1. Value Engineering
  2. Quantity Surveying and Strict Budgeting
  3. Efficient Services and Material Purchasing
Technique 1: Value Engineering

Lex Duco uses some Value Engineering principles to limit unnecessary costs while maintaining the highest quality and increasing your overall house value.

Some non-load bearing internal walls can be converted to 4 ½” thk and/or 6” thick walls depending on the circumstances. Structural Engineer may design 6” x 12” columns to suit such walls as well. This action reduces the cost of walls for sure, but the most effective saving is on the floor area.

If formulated properly, it is possible convert around 200- 300 sq.ft of “Unusable Floor Area” to “Usable Floor Area” in an average size home. The direct effect for the client is that he has just received an additional “Usable Floor Area” at no extra cost but a saving on walls.

The added value will be over Rs. 1 Mn*** for the building as far as the usable floor area is concerned.

You can never expect this from an average house designer or architect since they are only concerned about the attractiveness of the house.

Technique 2: Quantity Surveying and Strict Budgeting

Lex Duco employs a Quantity Surveyor to budget your project to the last brick so that we know the exact amounts of material we need for the project, where builders cannot come up with various explanations to request more materials.
Quantity surveyors are expensive if you use their service on a single project.

Technique 3: Efficient Services and Material Purchasing

We have a very high bargaining power as a professional organization, where we can buy above services and materials for your project at considerably low prices.

“Triple Quality Check” (TQC) – in order to make sure “what is built is what is designed”

Triple Quality Check

  1. Firstly, the “Quality Ensuring System” (QES) as described above
  2. Secondly, the project Architect and structural Engineer visit the sites time to time for quality inspections and provide necessary instructions to the Technical Team in order to make sure the construction is in line with the design.
  3. Thirdly, we employ another academically and professionally qualified Structural Engineer (not our Design Engineer), as a Quality Inspector. He visits all the sites at predefined inspection points in order to check the quality of the construction.

These three strong Quality Controlling Measures are known as the “Triple Quality Check” in Lex Duco and the combination of the three results in the highest quality standards in the industry as the system does not permit any substandard output.

With this level of quality controlling measures, Lex Duco is renowned for its unmatched construction and finishing quality.

“Quality Ensuring System” (QES) – in order to make sure that the civil engineering standards are followed

Quality Ensuring System

We have developed and implemented a state-of-the-art next generation quality controlling system which is monitored by a sophisticated IT system in order to make sure that the civil engineering standards are followed by our Technical Team. This system is known as the “Quality Ensuring System”.

The entire Technical Team (Project Manager, Asst. Project Managers, Technical Officers and site supervisors) has to follow the system and maintain system records as well as offline records so that the quality of construction is ensured.

QES also includes a strength assessment for concrete work: Testing of concrete usually happens only on demand or with much reluctance; however as a part of Lex Duco’s QES, all Concrete will be tested for its strength and the report will be made available to the clients.

The testing method employed is carried out as per ASTM C805 (American Standards for Testing and Material) and the device used is well known “Schmidt Hammer”. This test is 100% non-destructive and widely used all around the world.

“Lex Duco Standard Practices” (LDSP) – in order to make the construction is usable, durable and safe

Lex Duco Standard Practices

Lex Duco uses many standard practices and the number is still counting. These practices are applied to make sure the construction is usable, durable and safe for the users.

Some examples are;

  1. A sill beam shall be provided at all window openings
  2. Lath and plaster at connection of different material
  3. All exposed masonry shall be tuck pointed or grooved
  4. All above ground rubble work shall be tuck pointed
  5. All wardrobe areas shall be water proofed
  6. Above roof level walls shall be provided with DPC and a plaster groove

“Project Planning and Project Monitoring System” (PPPMS) – in order to guarantee on-time project completion

At the beginning of each project, our construction department produces a project plan known as the “Base Line” and while the project progresses; another project plan is generated based on the information gathered from the site on daily basis. This second project plan continuously monitors and compares the available labour force and work done in a given site against the “Base Line”.The objective of generating these reports is to make sure the project is completed on-time and these reports are also available for our clients on demand.

“Dedicated Client Service Point” (DCSP) – in order to make sure the client’s inquiries are attended in a timely manner

Lex Duco is extremely concerned about Client Service and we believe our each and every client deserves a dedicated contact point while his or her project is in progress. Therefore, we have implemented the same that runs under one rule: Client’s Satisfaction.

** Conditions apply such as payment delays. *** An approximation only.