Part II

Jagath didn’t take much time for his shower as his movie was about to be started. He was a movie addict and especially if it’s a science fiction, he never missed.

He came to the dinner table after his shower and sat while June switched off the air conditioner, lights in his room and that in the bathroom. It seemed Jagath had completely forgotten the fact that he needed to switch off those when he walked out of a room. But as long as June was living with them, it’s alright.

As she mentioned, dinner was already waiting for him and the dinner table was nicely illuminated with candle like warm lights by June. Jagath’s favorite classical flute music was running at the background at low volume and all set nicely for dinner.

"Hey June, can you come and join me for dinner?" Jagath asked.

"Are you out of your mind Jagath, Sharon is going to kill me." Jagath smiled.

"Life is never boring when June is here" he thought.

"June, please text her ‘Where are you now?’ "

Sharon was Jagath’s wife and they had been married for 13 years. She was a medical doctor with some private practice and therefore, she was almost always late.

"Sent" June said, in the next minute she said "Sharon is home."

June opened the door for her and switched on the lights at the entrance. Sharon rushed towards the table and sat there. She didn’t speak to June and she never petted her like Jagath did.

"Sorry Jagath, I am late again, so many patients you know?" She said and Jagath smiled.

"Shower or dinner?" he asked. "Dinner." She replied with a smile.

They were a very understanding couple about each other and they never fought or argued but almost always managed to talk things out before escalating to arguments. They were indeed a happy family with a very busy schedule. That was the only problem they had but the benefit of being busy was too rewarding to be ignored.

Amil was their only son and he was 11 years old. Since this was the school holidays, Amil had gone to spend few weeks with his grandparents.

"Jagath, do you have enemies?" Sharon asked in a serious tone.

"Hard to say, but possible because of my job. Why?" He stopped having dinner and asked with a great concern.

"No, it’s just,.. I was having some nuisance calls during the last couple of days. First, they were just missed calls but today a man spoke and said ‘Doctor, ask your husband to be careful with what he does’. Then disconnected." She looked very serious.

"You know my job Sharon, so I may have enemies, but not this stupid street thugs." Jagath smiled but he was bit concerned too.

"It’s not a joke Jagath, you are not going anywhere from tomorrow without your driver, okay?" She sounded very determined.

"Okay boss." He replied with a smile, but it was clearly not joke to him either.

After finishing dinner, "its movie time, would you like to join me?" Jagath asked.

"I have to take few phone calls. Then I will take a shower and join you." She said. She still looked puzzled. She surely had no mood for a movie, it seemed.

On her way upstairs, she called June "Hey June, call Amil please."

June made a phone call to Amil on Sharon’s mobile while switching on lights for Sharon on her way to the upstairs. She also informed the maid to clean the dinner table and switched off warm lights and music.

In the same time, she didn’t forget to set Jagath’s favorite "Home Theater" mode for him to watch the movie with A/C, all curtains closed, very mild lights and bit higher volume than that for news channels.

The movie was about to be started, but Jagath was bit worried about the safety of himself and his family now. He knew he had enemies due to the nature of his job but he had no idea how many and who really wanted to hurt him. He was more worried about Amil and Sharon.

"No one can come here and hurt us as long as June is alive. Even if they try to cut the power lines to shut her off, we have a backup. But, we all should be more careful while we are on the road,.. Sharon needs a driver too." He thought.

"Hey June, text W Nish that I need a second driver tomorrow morning". Jagath said to June.

"Sent" June said and she showed the text to Jagath on his mobile for verification.

In a while, movies started and Jagath started watching it. Sharon joined him after about 30 minutes but she left to bed in about another half an hour. It was hard to say if Jagath really enjoyed the movie, but he watched till the end and then headed towards his bedroom.

"Are you going to bed Jagath?" June asked.

"Yes, please lock doors and switch off,… you know." Jagath still sounded puzzled. He knew those instructions were not required for June to do her job.

"I will and good night Jagath." June said.

Jagath went to bed and at about 1.00 AM, June spoke quietly to Jagath. "Jagath,… Jagath. Please wake up."

Jagath woke up and at the very first minute he knew, something was very serious. June never wakes him up in the middle of the night if it wasn’t.

To be continued,..


June is a "perfect wife" Lex Duco HAAP (Home Automation with A Personally), which is a learning system with above personality traits. It is not an AI (artificial intelligence), but a close learning and programmable system to AI that mimics personality types like "perfect wife/husband","nagging wife","complaining husband","roommate", "demanding girlfriend", "best friend", "a terminator" (as in the movie) and so on.

A home automation system does everything and a HAAP adds life to it.

Lex Duco is still in the development stages on this model and planning to launch Lex Duco HAAP on May, 2018.