Part I

It was January, 2019, somewhere in Colombo.

Jagath was almost 2 hours late after work. As he approached the main entrance of his home, June spoke to him.

"Welcome home Jagath, but you are late today!"

She wide opened the door for him and as he entered he said "Don’t act like my wife June, because you are not!". He sounded angry.

"I’m Sorry" she said and he smiled.

As Jagath entered home, she switched lights bright on.

"Jagath, would you like something to drink?"

"A glass of chilled water please."

"I’m sending it now."

"Since you are late today, would you like me to arrange dinner right away?" She asked again.

"Yes please."

Jagath, walked across the living room and sat on the sofa without saying anything. He was bit tired today.

June had already switched on the A/C in the living area. And as soon as he sat, she dimmed the lights in the living area and switched on the TV with the news channel on. He always watched news at this time and June knew it. He also liked dim lights while he was watching TV. June knew it too.

June then opened the curtains at his side so that he could look outside while watching TV. It was also something he liked and June never forgot.

In less than 2 minutes, his maid came with a glass of chilled water. As she walked away after handing over the glass to Jagath, June said "Jagath, the movie that you wanted to watch today starts in another 45 minutes. I guess you don’t want to miss it."

"Oh, I almost forgot, thanks June, do you know how much I love you?"

Jagath smiled again as the thought crossed his mind "what a perfect lady, how am I going to live without you if I ever lose you?"

She was perfect without a doubt but she was not a lady. She was a Lex Duco HAAP.

After having some water, Jagath grabbed his stuff and headed towards the stairs.

"Dinner is almost ready Jagath" June said.

"I need to take a shower first" he replied.

June then switched off A/C and TV but she didn’t forget to switch on bright lights on the staircase and his passage to the room.

As he walked towards the room, she opened the door and switched on lights and A/C. Room temperature was already lowered and June must have run the A/C after Jagath coming home to remove stagnated heat from the room. She knew that an A/C takes a while to cool down a room and Jagath didn’t like it. She was very caring not to forget even such small things once she was told.

"35 minutes to the movie Jagath and dinner is waiting for you" she said.

June was here for just 6 months and she was a very fast learner, she knew almost all behavioral patterns of Jagath and therefore, she planed everything perfectly.

She controlled all lighting, A/C, door locks/openers, security systems, laptops, hair dryers, Jagath’s calendar, curtains, windows, and almost everything that required frequent controlling. Unfortunately, she can’t cook, clean, do dishes, do laundry, iron and so on. But she can instruct maids to do so and also she can remind Jagath about almost everything including wake up time, sleep time, movie time, jogging time, office time, phone charging time, not to forget wallet/car keys/phone, not to miss dinner and all sort of things.

She was a Home Automation System installed in Jagath’s luxury house by Lex Duco after they have designed and built it in order to assist Jagath while experiencing the "Ultimate Luxury" in a very human nature with a "perfect wife" personality.

To be continued,…


June is a "perfect wife" Lex Duco HAAP (Home Automation with A Personally), which is a learning system with above personality traits. It is not an AI (artificial intelligence), but a close learning and programmable system to AI that mimics personality types like "perfect wife/husband","nagging wife","complaining husband","roommate", "demanding girlfriend", "best friend", "a terminator" (as in the movie) and so on.

A home automation system does everything and a HAAP adds life to it.

Lex Duco is still in the development stages on this model and planning to launch Lex Duco HAAP on May, 2018.